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The Speech of Mar Dinkha in Chicago - October 16, 2005

Summary Report of the Speech Given by Mar Dinkha IV
  • Delivered on October 16th, 2005
    Gathered at the Hanging Gardens Banquet Hall in Chicago to commemorate 29th Anniversary of his Consecration as Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East.

Mar Dinkha's Itenery Around the World:

  • Visiting our people in London
  • In May, he visited Iran to oversee the diocese of our parishioners there, as currently Iran does not have a bishop. There, Mar Dinkha visited the various churches and ordained many deacons. Then he visited the former Iranian President, Mr. Khatami, and other officials to discuss our people's concerned in Iran, discussing the means by which we can all live in peace and harmony regardless of our faith.
  • In July, was His Holiness' visit to Australia where he inspected the homes for the elderly and the Rabban Hurmize Assyrian School that the diocese of Mar Meelis had built. He also traveled to the Australian Capital Territory (A.C.T., Canberra), meeting with the Iranian and Iraqi Ambassadors there.
  • In August, His holiness visited Los Angeles to participate in the inaugural of the Assyrian school at St. MaryÂ’s Church under the administration of Rev. Gewargis Bet-Rasho.
  • Next visit was at the San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose, Turlock, and Modesto) to visit the new hall and school that are being built in Turlock.
  • He was proud of the church of Mar Andrious, in Chicago in the planning for a new church.
  • Also, proud of the St. MaryÂ’s Church being built in Canada under the administration of bishop Mar Emmanuel
  • In Northern Iraq - Kirkuk: Under the administration of bishop Mar Giwargis), a new Assyrian school is almost complete. - Ankawa and Nohadra: Under the administration of bishop Mar Isaac, new churches are being built

Mar Dinkha's Thoughts on Other Churches:

  • All churches must be working towards Christological Unity, however they must not dissolve into one church or lose their own church laws osacramentsts.

Mar Dinkha's Thoughts about our Nationality and Politics:

  • He stated that he is an Assyrian who has always followed the words and teachings of God, and the Holy Bible.
  • He further stated that he respects all Assyrians who work for our political parties and the betterment of the lives of our people and national unity.
  • Continuing on to say that the religious leaders and clergymen of our church are instructed not to get involved in politics
  • The patriarch wished for all communities (Assyrians, Chaledeans, Suryanis) to elect educated and wise people to work together to accomplish unity among all of our people, without having religious leaders getting involved in political matters.

Mar Dinkha's Thoughts on Living with Peace and Harmony With Our Neighbors:

  • He stated that people in the West do not fully understand the situation of our people in the East who are living among Arabs, Turks, and Muslims. His holiness was pleased with the fact that our situation in the East is slowly improving, as we are having new schools open, where our Assyrian language is being taught, and more freedom given to our people. It is with repeated efforts to make our neighbors accept our people and be able to live with peace and harmony with them.

Mar Dinkha's Conclusion:

  • Mar Dinkha prayed to God to hear the wishes and needs of all Assyrians, Chaldeans, Suryanis and to help them work together as one “Pisqa Ashuraya”.
  • He prayed for peace, harmony, and stability for our people in the homeland as well as everywhere else.

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