Tuesday, May 16, 2006

May 12, 2006 The Commemoration Dinner Party in Honor of the ACOE's leaders in Chicago

His Holiness Mar Dinkha's Speech, click below:

Full commemoration dinner party in honor of the Assyrian Church of The East's leaders in Chicago, click below:


Our beloved and Holy Father Mar Dinkha,

Thank you for your speech. You have spent all your life working so hard for our church. May you always be by our side, bringing us closer to the Holy Bible and our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you. AMEN.



Joint Diocese of Noth America
(Eastern U.S.A. Western USA, Wester California and Canada)
660 Larson Lane, Roselle, IL. 60712


OF THE EAST, from above dioceses, who have gathered in the Church of St. Mary, in the city of Roselle, in the State of Illinois, from 8th through May 11th, 2006, by God’s grace, do affirm our support for our Church leadership. In the spirit of servant hood toward our Lord Jesus Christ, we once again submit ourselves to the Patriarch, His Holiness, Mar Dinkha IV, and the Holy Synod, as the Blessed Apostle, St. Paul, has instructed, “ Listen to your spiritual leaders and obey them; for they are watchful guardians of your souls, as one who must give account, that they may do it with joy and not with grief, for that is unprofitable for you.” (Hebrew 13:17)

We are so disheartened to have to deal with a man who is contrary to the Word of God. However, in line with the dictates of Holy Scripture, such is the case of the former bishop, Ashur Soro. His illegal actions and refusals to abide by the decisions of the Holy Synod, have brought great harm and heartache to so many and continue to do so, by not returning the properties and holdings of the Church to the hierarchy with whom he had served with for many years previously. Our Lord Jesus Christ said in the Gospel of John, “ If you love me, keep my commandments.” (St. John 14:15) and further He states,” You will know them by their fruits.”(St. Matthew 7:16).

We reaffirm our obedience to His Holiness and the Holy Synod and our common declaration in the use of the Diocesan Constitution and By-Laws that were approved and signed into existence and promulgated for use in our churches of the Western world in the Winter of 1986.

In brotherly love and faithful witness unto Christ, we affix our signatures on this the 11th day of May 2006.

1. V. Rev. Nenos Michael, Archdeacon

2. V. Rev. Yonan Y. Yonan, Archdeacon
San Francisco, California London, England

3. V. Rev. Aprim DeBaz, Archdeacon

4. V.Rev. Chorbishop Gewargis Haroon

5. V. Rev. Athanasis Joseph, Chorbishop

6. Rev. David Royel
Chicago, IL. San Jose, California

7. Rev.Charles Klutz

8. Rev. Dr. Mark Brown
Chicago, IL. Avenal, California

9. Rev Dr. George K.Toma

10. Rev. Khoushaba Bouza
Prospect Heights, IL. Roselle, IL.

North America Clergy Declaration:
Names continued:

11. Rev. Benjamin Benjamin

12. Rev. Auchana Kanoun
Sterling Heights, MI Ceres, California

13. Rev. Hermis M. Ismail

14. Rev. Joseph B. Peera
London, ONT, Canada Flint, MI

15. Rev. Shlemon Heseqial

16. Rev. Younan Marwan
Chicago, IL. Hamilton, ONT, Canada

17. Rev. Kando D. kando

18. Rev. Jameel Warda
Modesto, CA Turlock, CA

19. Rev. Antwan Latchen

20. Rev. Kifrkis Talo, London,ONT,
Chicago, IL. London, ONT.,Canada

21. Rev. George Bet Rasho

22. Rev. Gabriel Brakhia
Tarzana, CA. Fullerton, CA.

23. Rev. Gewargis Shlaimon

24. Rev. Frederick Hermiz
Yonkers, N.Y Phoenix, AZ

25. Rev. Aprim Younadam

26. Rev. Gaba Sholimun
Las Vegas, NV San Diego, CA

27. Rev. Emmanuel Youkhana
Weisbaden, Germany (visiting clergy)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day Luncheon on May 14th

The great joy and spirit of motherhood was celebrated at Mar Narsai Parish in San Francisco on May 14th, 2006. Following lunch, Mar Odisho who was the guest of Honor receieved a warm welcome from a large crowd of people, who were all gathered at Mar Narsai Parish Hall. Beautiful poems, songs, and speeches were performed.

His Grace, Mar Odisho discussed the following in his speech:

1) He briefly mentioned the very successful meeting that took place in Chicago, with all the bishops and about 30 priests present. The main agenda of discussion was "How the Assyrian Church of the East can maintain its leadership in the light of varied geographic distances and diverse jurisdictions of law".

2) He also discussed that he would officially assign Qasha David as the parish priest of the Mar Yousip Parish later that afternoon in San Jose. His Grace said that he will also speak of the current affairs of the Church and the last Patriarchal Synod which took place in Chicago from May 9th to May 10th of 2006.

3) He then mentioned that a new land has been purchased in Sweden for our beloved Assyrian community there. Mar Odisho went further to mention that around 4000 people turned up to the Christmas mass in Sweden, which was an amazing turnout.

4) He also stated that it is unfortunate that our church had to endure these tough times that it is facing at the moment. Although, he said, at the hand of three individuals: two ex-priests and one ex-bishop, the flip side is that 500,000 of the beloved ACOE members all of the sudden were awaken and their love for ACOE has substantially grown. We see this at the large turn-outs for our church masses everywhere. Hence, we should look on the positive side and continue to thank Lord for blessing our ACOE for the last 2000 years.

5) Last, but not least, Mar Odisho commented on the importance of mother and how she is a special person in our life. Further stating how ACOE is our mother, it has protected us, cared for us, sacrificed for us, and loved us unconditionally. We in return need to look after it and protect it.

God bless you Mar Odisho. Thank you for your words of comfort and inspiration.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

“Hymn of Praise (TESHBOKHTA)”

The Theology of the Assyrian Church of the East has been stated briefly and clearly in the following “Hymn of Praise (TESHBOKHTA)” Composed by Mar Babai the Great in the sixth century A.D., a noted theologian of the Church.

One is Christ the Son of God,
Worshiped by all in two natures;
In His Godhead begotten of the Father,
Without beginning before all time;
In His humanity born of Mary,
In the fullness of time, in a body united;
Neither His Godhead is of the nature of the mother,
Nor His humanity of the nature of the Father;
The natures are preserved in their Qnumas*,
In one person of one Sonship.
And as the Godhead is three substances in one nature,
Likewise the Sonship of the Son is in two natures, one person.
So the Holy Church has taught.
* Qnuma, is an Aramaic word. The nearest equivalent is the Greek “hypostasis”, in Latin “substantia” and in English “substance”.

Assyrian Food Festival in L.A.

Here are the pictures of Assyrian Festival in Los Angeles, CA, sponsored by St. Mary's Parish, Assyrian Church of the East.

Copy and paste the following into your URL to view the photos (All photos by Assyrian Enterprise)


"Blessed be Assyria the Work of My hands." — Isaiah 19:25

Wars and religious persecution have obliterated our ancestral land, Assyria, decades ago, however, the Assyrian people, tradition and language (derived from Aramaic), have survived for more than 7000 years.

For the Assyrian Food Festival, thousands of people gather up to celebrate the traditions and customs of Assyrian culture. The event is designed to give the attendees a tastes of the culture's food, art, and history, along with traditional dancing and music.

A successful event indeed.

"44 Years a Prelate"

The below editorial appeared in the ‘Voice of the East’ magazine, No.53/March-April 2006/Nos. 3 & 4. Voice of the East (Qala Min Madenkha) is a socio-religious bi-monthly magazine which is issued by the Archdiocese of India. His Grace Dr. Mar Aprem is the Metropolitan of the Church of the East in India and is the Patron of the Voice of the East magazine]


"44 Years a Prelate"
Catholicos Patriarch Mar Dinkha IV completed 44 years of service to the Assyrian Church of the East as a prelate on 11 February 2006. It was on Sunday 11 February 1962 Qasha Khnanya became the Bishop in Iran. His consecration was from Catholicos Patriarch Mar Eshai Shimun (died on 6 November 1975). In 1976 October 17 Bishop of Iran, Mar Dinkha became Catholicos Patriarch Mar Dinkha IV. Although His Holiness Mar Dinkha IV is only No.4 as a Patriarch by that name. His family had 17 bishops by the same name Bishop Mar Dinkha until the last one was shot in February 1915 in Iran, during the first World War.

Only two prelates associated with him had longer periods as prelates. His consecrator His Holiness Mar Eshai Shimun had ruled the church as Patriarch for 53 years (from the age of 12 till 65 when he resigned in August 1973. He was shot dead on November 6, 1975). The prelate who ordained him deacon and priest was Mar Yosip Khnanisho Metropolitan who served the church for 5 years as Bishop and 58 years as Metropolitan till he died on July 3, 1977 in Baghdad.
His Holiness is completing 30 years of his Patriarchate on 17 October 2006. Before that on 15 September 2006 he will be completing 71 years of age. He had completed 41 years of age when he was elected in the Holy Synod in England to become the Catholicos Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East. His Holiness was consecrated in the St. Barnabas Church, Ealing near London, as the Assyrians had not owned any church at that time.

His Holiness Mar Dinkha IV maintained good ecumenical relations with the Catholic, Orthodox and the Protestants. Pope John Paul II, Patriarch of Moscow, Archbishops of Canterbury and others are among the religious dignitaries he had met during his busy schedule. He had met the President of Lebanon, President of Syria, President of Iran, President of Iraq (Saddam Hussein), secular leaders of the USA, India, Australia and many others.

His Holiness sent clergy for education in foreign Universities. So there is a middle level of educated clergy. Choirs, Youth groups were encouraged to be obedient to Christ and the church on earth. Many churches were built, schools were established in India, Australia and California. Many clergy were ordained. Bishops for Australia, California, Canada, North Iraq, Syria, Sweden etc were consecrated. Metropolitan for Iraq Mar Gewargis Sliwa was consecrated in Chicago by His Holiness.

By holding Holy Synods of prelates from all over the globe His Holiness Mar Dinkha IV restored democratic system in the Church administration. During the past 29 years he held 10 Holy Synods in England, Australia, Australia, Baghdad and Chicago. This provides opportunity for prelates to share the concerns of their respective diocese with the Supreme leaders united with a common goal for the progress of our suffering Church.

Honouring graduates in Chicago every year brought many young educated people close to The Church. Many Assyrians feel that they have to be proud of the heritage of their parents. Yes, Church needs young people to be close to God and the faith and tradition of our faith, preserved by our forefathers in adverse circumstances in 1842 (attacks of Bedr Khan Beg), 1914-18 (World War I), 1933 (Semele in North Iraq), 1939-45 (second World War), 1980-88 (Iraq-Iran war), Gulf War in January 1991. etc.

We wish more peaceful days for our Church and its supreme Head.

Mar Aprem

Friday, May 05, 2006

His Grace Mar Gewargis Sliwa's Recent Lecture

Copy and Paste the following into your URL and it will lead you there. http://www.assyriasat.org/TapedEvents_050306_02.asx

Mar Gewargis Sliwa, is the Metropolitan of all of Iraq, Jordan and Russia. He gave an excellent lecture on April 27th, 2006 in Chicago. The lecture is a compiled work of all the events that had taken place in the last few years especially the facts that led to the initiation of all the problems our church is currently facing.

Mar Gewargis Sliwa, God bless you for shining a light on truth. We pray that God will use you to awaken the lost and the deceived. Our prayers are with you that the deception which runs so deep in the supporters of the former bishop is exposed for what it is because so many are marching down the broad way and worshiping at the feet of the 'proud', and deceitful person instead of the holy path of Jesus Christ. God bless you and use you, so some will hear the truth before it is too late, and their fate is sealed forever. AMEN.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rev. Antwan Lachin Important Message


His message shows depth of knowledge about our faith, our Assyrian Church of the East, and about our profound respect for our father(s) and forefathers. He showed his strength in faith and in pride of his Assyrian heritage and he quoted, "We would die for only two reasons: First, for our Christian Faith; second, for our beloved Assyrian Nation.

Father Antwan, may God bless you. You are the charismatic leader that has brought joy into our lives during these tough times.You are our hero in San Jose for standing up against Satanic thugs. We are 100% behind you and urge you to continue to speak the truth, as the truth is what the gospel is about. The truth is what bothers Satan.