Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rev. Antwan Lachin Important Message


His message shows depth of knowledge about our faith, our Assyrian Church of the East, and about our profound respect for our father(s) and forefathers. He showed his strength in faith and in pride of his Assyrian heritage and he quoted, "We would die for only two reasons: First, for our Christian Faith; second, for our beloved Assyrian Nation.

Father Antwan, may God bless you. You are the charismatic leader that has brought joy into our lives during these tough times.You are our hero in San Jose for standing up against Satanic thugs. We are 100% behind you and urge you to continue to speak the truth, as the truth is what the gospel is about. The truth is what bothers Satan.

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Proud Assyrian said...

Thank you Rev. Antwan Lachin for your impressive speech. You have invigorated our spirits and provided comfort that we have strong leadership and support for his Holiness Mar Dinkha and the ACOE within the Church ranks. May God bless You and continue to provide you strength in your support and dedication towards the ACOE and the work of the Holy Spirit.

You have made us proud!