Friday, May 05, 2006

His Grace Mar Gewargis Sliwa's Recent Lecture

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Mar Gewargis Sliwa, is the Metropolitan of all of Iraq, Jordan and Russia. He gave an excellent lecture on April 27th, 2006 in Chicago. The lecture is a compiled work of all the events that had taken place in the last few years especially the facts that led to the initiation of all the problems our church is currently facing.

Mar Gewargis Sliwa, God bless you for shining a light on truth. We pray that God will use you to awaken the lost and the deceived. Our prayers are with you that the deception which runs so deep in the supporters of the former bishop is exposed for what it is because so many are marching down the broad way and worshiping at the feet of the 'proud', and deceitful person instead of the holy path of Jesus Christ. God bless you and use you, so some will hear the truth before it is too late, and their fate is sealed forever. AMEN.

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