Saturday, January 06, 2007

Assyrian Flag

  • Golden Circle at the center represents the sun (Shamash), which gives life to all things on earth.
  • The four pointed star surrounding the sun symbolizes the land; and its light blue color represents happiness and tranquility.
  • The wavy stripes extending from the center to the four corners of the flag symbolize the three major rivers flowing through the land of Assyria.
  • The dark blue stand for the Assyrian word 'Prat' meaning "Peruta" (abundance).
  • The red stripes stand for courage, glory and pride.
  • The white lines in between stand for tranquility and peace.
  • Above the blue star is a representation of the image of God Ashur, the ancient Assyrian supreme deity. The emblem of Ashur features the deity standing in a circle with two eagle wings spanning and over stretching its length on two sides. Ashur has drawn a bow and his arrow is ready to fly. His image represents an Assyrian guardian who is looking after the the country, the flag, and the nation it represents.
  • On top of the flagstaff is the standard of King Sargon I, who established the first Assyrian empire, signifying the might and great civilization achieved.

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