Friday, April 06, 2007

Holiness Mar Dinkha IV, the Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East has granted us with an Easter message:

I have translated his message from Assyrian to English and it can be viewed below.

In this holy day which has filled the hearts of Christians of the great globe with joy as Christ is risen from the dead, where he says : "I have come with light to the world, so all who believe in me do not stay in the darkness" Eugena 46:12 He also says : "I was Nour world. do not follow me from walking in the darkness, but have the light of life "Eugena 12:8 All creatures are renewed through Christ who is the head of the beginning of the new life. The Resurrection of Christ gave us new life, as well as joy and hope for humanity. When Christ was risen from the dead, a great salvation was achieved for all nations. Christ is the peace and safety of the peaks of human beings, which puts us in good stead to celebrate peacefully His resurrection. Lord says to his students : "I leave you peace. my peace I give you. " Eugena 27:14 Christ the King, has granted us a divine peace, namely, to be detached from every creature and sin, and to belong entirely to God. When Christ arose from the dead, He left in the tomb the linen cloths, which are the symbol of our sins and imperfections. He came forth triumphant from the sepulchre. In Him there is freedom, light, strength, beauty, life. His Divine Life is the model of ours, and He has merited for us the grace of living for God as He did. Through the Sacraments our souls are clad with Sanctifying Grace, the principle of Divine life. This life presupposes separation from all mortal and venial sin, so that the soul, being free, may act solely under the inspiration of grace and for God alone through faith and love. Then it is that Christ's life blossoms forth in our soul, as St. Paul says, "It is now no longer I that live, but Christ liveth in me" (Gal. 2:20). This, then, is the spirit of Easter, the Paschal grace: detachment from all that is human, earthly, created; the full gift of ourselves to God, through Christ. In this holiday, which is our pride of all the holidays, the Joy of Christ is given to the church, so we say to all of you sons of our holy Assyrian church and all our brothers and sisters of the Chaldean and Syriac Church and all Christians :

God Jesus Christ bless you. "I declare to you, brothers, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God" (1 Corinthians 50:15) Jesus Appears to His Disciples "on the evening of that first day of the week, when the disciples were together, with the doors locked for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them and said, 'Peace be with you!' After he said this, he showed them his hands and side. The disciples were overjoyed when they saw the Lord. (John 19-21). We are also happy because, Christ was risen from the dead and is sitting on the right of the Father in Heaven. "Christ says : 'What is the bread of God? God's bread is the One that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world." Then Jesus was asked "Sir, give us this bread always." . Then Jesus said, "I am the bread that gives life. The person that comes to me will never be hungry. The person that believes in me will never be thirsty." (John 6:35 )

Christians and believers sincerely hope it is necessary to put our faith in the hands of Jesus, who will help you build your spiritual house on a solid foundation. "Build Your House on the Rock. Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it." (Mattew 7:24-27)

If not for the elders, not moving away from our church, because it away from the Church of Christ, but away from Christ. يتوجب ان نحصن انفسنا بالصوم والصلاة والسلوك الصالح والتقي في وجه قوى الشيطان الذي هو عدو العدل.Must Nhsan ourselves Balsom, prayer and good behavior and met strong in the face of the devil is the enemy of justice. يقول الرسول: "أَمَا تَعْلَمُونَ أَنَّكُمْ هَيْكَلُ اللهِ، وَرُوحُ اللهِ يَسْكُنُ فِيكُمْ؟" 1 كورنثوس 16:3The prophet says : "As you know the structure of God, the spirit of God lives in you?" 1 Corinthians 16:3 استلوا بايديكم سيف الروح الذي هو كلام الله.Astloa hands Seif spirit, which is God's words. "كَيْ لاَ نَكُونَ فِي مَا بَعْدُ أَطْفَالاً مُضْطَرِبِينَ وَمَحْمُولِينَ بِكُلِّ رِيحِ تَعْلِيمٍ، بِحِيلَةِ النَّاسِ، بِمَكْرٍ إِلَى مَكِيدَةِ الضَّلاَلِ. بَلْ صَادِقِينَ فِي الْمَحَبَّةِ، نَنْمُو فِي كُلِّ شَيْءٍ إِلَى ذَاكَ الَّذِي هُوَ الرَّأْسُ: الْمَسِيحُ" افسس 14:4"In order not to be in the post-children Madturbin and laptops all Wind education, clumsy people, disingenuously framed to error. But true to love, grow in everything to the one who is the head of Christ : "Ephesians 14:4 لانماء جسد الكنيسة فان الايمان مع المحبة والاحترام والاستماع الى بعض هي امور لازمة.For the development of the body of the church, the faith with love and respect and listen to some of the things to the crisis. وكلما كنا مرتبطين بالمسيح فاننا سنعطي ثمارا صالحة وهنيئة وسنعيش مسرورين في هذا العالم.Whenever we associated Christ, we will produce valid and comfortable and happy to live in this world. يقول المسيح: "أَنَا الْكَرْمَةُ وَأَنْتُمُ الأَغْصَانُ. الَّذِي يَثْبُتُ فِيَّ وَأَنَا فِيهِ هذَا يَأْتِي بِثَمَرٍ كَثِيرٍ، لأَنَّكُمْ بِدُونِي لاَ تَقْدِرُونَ أَنْ تَفْعَلُوا شَيْئًا."Christ says : "I grapevines and you browse. That proves I am in this comes Pthmer many, because you Bdone You can not to do something. " يوخنا 5:15Eugena 5:15 ويقول ايضا: "أَنَا هُوَ الطَّرِيقُ وَالْحَقُّ وَالْحَيَاةُ. لَيْسَ أَحَدٌ يَأْتِي إِلَى الآبِ إِلاَّ بِي."He also says : "I was the right path and life. No one comes to the father except me. " يوخنا 6:14Eugena 6:14 لذا، كاخوة في المسيح كونوا صادقين مع بعض، ولا تكون محبتكم خادعة، بل كونوا كارهين للشرور وتابعين للصالحات.Thus, as brothers in Christ Be honest with some, and be Mahbtkm misleading, but formed averse to the evil, affiliated to grow up to be good. ما تعتقدونه جيدا لكم اطلبوه ايضا لاخوتكم في المسيح.What Tattakaddounh well you Atalboh also brothers in Christ. كونوا متواضعين ورحومين، ولا تعتقدون في افنسكم انكم اكثر حكمة من الاخرين، "لاَ تُجَازُوا أَحَدًا عَنْ شَرّ بِشَرّ. مُعْتَنِينَ بِأُمُورٍ حَسَنَةٍ قُدَّامَ جَمِيعِ النَّاسِ. إِنْ كَانَ مُمْكِنًا فَحَسَبَ طَاقَتِكُمْ سَالِمُوا جَمِيعَ النَّاسِ. لاَ تَنْتَقِمُوا لأَنْفُسِكُمْ أَيُّهَا الأَحِبَّاءُ، بَلْ أَعْطُوا مَكَانًا لِلْغَضَبِ. لاَ يَغْلِبَنَّكَ الشَّرُّ بَلِ اغْلِبِ الشَّرَّ بِالْخَيْرِ."Rest and Rhomin mediocre, and you believe in Avenskm you more wisdom than others, "not exceeded one from the evil of human beings. Magnin good things shin all people. That was only possible for you Salmwa all people. Not Tntekamoa for yourselves dear loved ones, but they gave us a place of anger. Iglbenk not evil, but most evil with good. " رومية 16:12-21Roumieh 16:12-21 هذه الوصايا من الكتاب المقدس هي فضائل علينا بسماعها وتطبيقها، كنسيا واجتماعيا وقوميا.These commandments of the Bible we are virtues hearing and application bishop, socially and nationally. اذا اراد احد ان يكون موقرا في المجتمع الكنسي والقومي، فان عليه ان يدرك ان عليه ايضا توقير صاحبه.If one wanted to be distinguished in the community and the national church, it should also realize that it's sacrilege. لا احد يعتقدن ذاته انه اعلى من زملاءه ويتفاخر ويكون انانيا، ولا يعتقدن احدا ان كل ما يقوله من راي او اقتراح هو صائب.No one believed that the same higher than boasting about his colleagues, and be selfish, and believe that each one of what opinion or suggestion is right. بل عليه ان يتشاور مع من يعمل معهم، ولا يرتكب اخطاء ويلحق الاذى والخسارة بالمجتمع الكنسي والقومي.But he must consult with those working with them, and commit mistakes and hurt and loss and national church community. لان اراء وقرارات شخص لمفرده تكون اكثر عرضة للاخطاء، في حين ان اعضاء مجمع معين يرتكبون اخطاء اقل.Because the views and decisions of a single person to be more susceptible to errors, while the Academy members who commit certain mistakes less. الكنيسة والامة ليستا ملك اي شخص، لذا لا يحق لشخص لمفرده ان يكون متسلطا برايه.Church and the nation are not owned by any person, therefore, not entitled to the individual person to be hegemonic wars opinion. لنتعلم من ربنا يسوع المسيح من بعد عماذه حين خرج للكرازة اختار لنفسه اثني عشر رسولا ليكونوا دوما معه، وهذا مثال صالح اثبت فيه المسيح ان الانسان هو محتاج للعون.To learn from the God of Jesus Christ after Amath while left of the haughty chose for himself twelve messenger to be always with him, and this a good example of Christ proved that man is in need of help. ان ابن الكنيسة الذي له رتبة ومسؤولية في مجال ودرب الكنيسة يجب ان يكون مؤمنا وصادقا ومطيعا، قال المسيح لتلاميذه: " إِنْ أَرَادَ أَحَدٌ أَنْ يَأْتِيَ وَرَائِي فَلْيُنْكِرْ نَفْسَهُ وَيَحْمِلْ صَلِيبَهُ وَيَتْبَعْنِي."The son of the Church, which has the rank and responsibility in the area of the path of the church and must be insured and truthful and obedient, Christ said to his students : "One wants to come back Flenker himself and bear the Cross and follow me." متي 24:16When 24:16 انكار النفس تعني التحمل، التضحية، التواضع والتسامح، لذا علينا ان نكون محبين وموقرين ومطيعين بعضنا لبعض.Self-denial means endurance, sacrifice, humility, tolerance, we have to be loving and distinguished and vulnerabilities of each other. كنيسة المشرق الاشورية الرسولية الجامعة المقدسة لها قوانين سنهاديقية التي حددت واجبات كل عضو في الكنيسة.Orient Apostolic Assyrian Church of the Holy League with laws Senhadiqih identified the duties of each member of the church. من المهم ان يكون ابناء كنيستنا مطيعين، وحريصين على الالتزام بقوانين ومقررات المجمع السنهاديقي من اجل نهوض وتقدم الكنيسة.It is important that the people of our church tensions, and anxious to comply with the laws and decisions of the compound Alsenhadiqi for progress and the advancement of the church. على كاهن كل رعية مسؤولية هذه الانشطة:The priest each congregation responsibility of these activities : 1- صفوف التعليم المسيحي للاطفال، وعلى الكاهن ان يقوم بتعليم المعلمات والمعلمين الذين يقومون بالتعليم.1-Christian education classes for children, and the priest that the education of teachers and teachers who education. 2- فرقة الانشاد الكنسية.Task 2-Choral Church. 3- لجنة الشبيبة الكنسية.3-Church Youth Commission. 4- يتم تحديد يوم واحد في الاسبوع من اجل التعليم المسيحي لجميع ابناء الرعية، فمن الضروري ان يشارك ابناء الرعية في دورات التعليم المسيحي ليعززوا بنيان ايمانهم المسيحي.4-be determined one day a week for Christian education for all sons of the parish, it is essential that the people involved in parish education courses to enhance the texture of the Christian faith Christian. يقول الرسول: " إِذًا الإِيمَانُ هو من السماع، والسماع هو من كلمة الله" رو 17:10The prophet says : "If faith is of hearing and hearing the word of God is" Rowe 17:10 لذا عليكم الاستماع الى كلمة الله وتعلمها كي لا ينهار بنيان ايمانكم بالرياح والاعاصير وكلمات غير المؤمنين.So you listen to the word of God and learning so that it does not collapse texture faith through all the winds and storms, and the words of non-believers. بناتنا وابناءنا بالروح،Daughters and sons spirit, نطلب اليكم كمسيحيين مؤمنين في كل بلد تعيشون فيه ان تكونوا مواطنين مخلصين لسلطاتكم وملتزمين بحفظ قوانين البلد الذي تعيشون فيه لتكونوا بذلك اكثر محبة وتوقيرا لدى مسولي البلد.We ask you as Christians believing in each of you that you are faithful to your citizens and committed to the conservation laws of the country in which you may live where you are so affectionate and more courtesy to the Msole country. كونوا مع جيرانكم بمحبة وسلام، احترموهم لتكونوا محترمين، لان الرب يسوع المسيح يوصينا: "احب جارك مثل نفسك" لوقا 28:10Be with your love, and peace, to you Ahtermohm respectable, because the Lord Jesus Christ appraisers : "love your neighbor as yourself" Luke 28:10 حيثما عشتم لا تنسوا انكم بنات وابناء كنيسة المشرق الاشورية الرسولية الجامعة المقدسة، كونوا بقرب كنيستكم وناشطين فيها وملتزمين بالطقوس والاسرار والتقليد الرسولي والقوانين السنهاديقية للكنيسة التي يعتمدها ويقرها المجمع السنهاديقي الحالي، لان كنيستنا هي والدتنا الروحية التي علينا بمحبتها وتوقيرها.Where do not forget that you preserve the daughters and sons of the Church of Orient University Holy Apostolic Assyrian, formed near Knestkm and activists and committed ritual and tradition and the secrets laws Alsenhadiqih See and the Church adopted and approved by the academy Alsenhadiqi this, because our church is a spiritual Aldtna that we Bmahbtha and Toukirha. كأمة، لا تكونوا متشككين بمن تكونون، لان اباءنا ومنذ الفي عام حفظوا الاسم واللغة الادبية لامتنا الاشورية مع ايمانهم المسيحي، لذا يتوجب ان يكون لكم غيرة واعتزاز بتاريخكم كأمة اشورية، ان الابنية القديمة والاثار المتبقية والالواح المنقورة في بين النهرين تشهد على تاريخ اباءنا.As a nation, do not be skeptical, including you, as our fathers and since the year two thousand were at the name and literary language of our nation with the Assyrian Christian faith, therefore, must be to you and the other Btarejkm pride as a nation zone, the old buildings and the remaining panels Almenkorh in Mesopotamia witness to the history of our forefathers. ان لنا هبتان ممنوحتان لنا من الله: ايماننا المسيحي لكنيسة المشرق الاشورية، وانتماءنا القومي الاشوري.That we Hptan Mmnoahtan us from our faith in God : Christian Assyrian Church of the Orient, and our belonging to the National Assyrian. في الختام،In conclusion, نقول ثانية لجميعكم: ليكن عيدكم مباركا، واننا نصلي الى الله الآب ليحفظكم في امن وسلام، واننا نأمل ان تحتفوا بعيد قيامة سيدنا يسوع المسيح بفرح وسلام اينما تعيشون يا ابناء كنيستنا المقدسة وامتنا الاشورية، ومع جميع اخوتنا مسيحيي العالم، ونصلي بخاصة من اجل الامن والسلام في الوطن العراق وكل المعمورة عامة.We say again to all of you : the holiday was a blessed, and we pray to God to protect the security, peace, and we hope that he Thatvua far our Lord, Jesus Christ with joy and peace of you wherever you sons of our church and our holy Assyrian, and with all our fellow Christians the world, and especially pray for peace and security at home and Iraq globe general. لتكن نعمة ورحمة ربنا يسوع المسيح مع جميعكم الى الابد الأبدين .Let the blessing of God and the mercy of Jesus Christ with all of you forever eternity.

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