Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ASSYRIAN CHURCH OF THE EAST - 21st National Youth Conference 2007

The Annual National Youth Conference of the Assyrian Church of the East took place in Chicago from July 3-8, 2007. Youth and clergy of many of the following parishes were in attendance:

1) Mar Gewargis Cathedral, Chicago;
2) St. Andrew’s Parish, Des Plaines;
3) St. Mary’s Parish, Detroit;
4) Mar Mari Parish, Yonkers;
5) St. Thomas Parish, New Britain;
6) St. Peter’s Parish, Phoenix;
7) Mar Narsai Parish, San Francisco;
8) Mar Yosip Parish, San Jose;
9) Mar Gewargis Parish, Ceres;
10)Mar Addai Parish, Turlock; and
11)St. Mary’s Parish, Los Angeles
12)Ss. Peter & Paul Parish, Sydney – Australia.

On July 4th, His Holiness Mar Dinkha IV, Catholicos-Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East had breakfast with all the attendees, followed by speeches given by the Very Rev. Cor-bishop Gewargis Toma with the title ‘Enter through the Narrow Gate.’

On July 5th, Rev. Patros Patros gave the speech entitled ‘The Meaning of the Church,’ followed by Rev. Genard Lazar, with the title ‘A Reality Check.’

On July 6th, Very Rev. Cor-bishop David Royel, presented his speech entitled ‘The Eucharist in our Daily Lives.’

The three conference talks presented on July 7th, were by Rev. George Bet Rasho who spoke on ‘Your Relationship with God,’ followed by a speech given by Mr. Ninos Haroon on 'The Capture of Jesus as Recorded in John’s Gospel' and Deacon Raumin Benjamin on the ‘Spiritual Energy Drink.’

On July 8th, the Holy Qurbana service was celebrated by His Holiness Mar Dinkha IV at Mar Gewargis Cathedral. On this day, the commemoration of St. Mar Yosip Khnanisho was observed according to the liturgical calendar of the Church of the East. During the Qurbana service, with over a 1000 faithful members, four young men were ordained by His Holiness to the rank of sub-deacon.

A picnic was followed after the service. The youths said their goodbyes to each other and anticipated the next year’s Conference which will be hosted by the St. Peter’s Parish, Phoenix, Arizona.

[courtesy of Assyrianchurchnews.com]

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