Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mar Yosip Parish - Second Annual Tea Time

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On Sunday, August 26th, the annual Tea time took place in Villa Ragusa Banquet Hall (Campbell, CA). More than 400 ladies of all ages attended this gathering. The purpose of this gathering was to teach and encourage women of all ages the importance of implementing biblical hospitality within their homes, communities, and the marketplace (Romans 12:9-16). It was a celebration of our Assyrian women and their importance to our nation.

Throughout the afternoon, the conversation ebbed and flowed among all women. The ladies enjoyed plenty of tea sandwiches, cakes, cookies, and pastries while drinking their tea and celebrating their strengths. Together, all the ladies who attened this gathering, were able to generate a substantial amount of money to help the needy Assyrian children in the Middle East.

Master of Ceremony was Ashourbella Lazar, who gave an impeccable speech regarding the importance of our Assyrian women and mothers. Our Guest of Honor was the Very Rev. Cor-Bishop David Royel, the Parish Priest of Mar Yosip Parish, who addressed the Assyrian Christian Woman.

Our beloved Rev. Cor-Bishop David Royel, delivered a touching and powerful message:

"The Assyrian Woman has been given a two-fold gift from Our Heavenly Father and Creator. The first is that of being the Backbone of the Assyrian Christian home and family, and the second that of being an Assyrian Mother who raises up sons and daughters for Assyria our mother.

The Blessed Mother of our Lord, the Virgin Mary, is the model woman and discipline for every Assyrian woman. She alone fulfilled at every instant of her earthly life the divine will of God the Father. By this, she was made worthy to become the Mother of our Savior, the Son of God Jesus Christ. Through our obedience to God's Word and submission to His Will, she became 'Full of Grace' and 'Blessed among women'. Through her docility to the Lord's calling, she became the perfect disciple and the woman who reversed the curse given to Eve-giving birth to Life, rather than to death.

The Second gift given to the Assyrian woman is that of imparting the Assyrian identity to her children and to future generations. Instilling the awareness and love for the Assyrian language and the history of these glorious people, the Assyrian woman secures the existence of Assyrian for all posterity. The mighty 'Rod' of God and the Lord's 'Handiwork' which is Assyria will continue to live due to the self-sacrifice and diligence of the Assyrian woman and mother."

We would like to give special thanks and admiration to all beloved Mar Yosip Church Ladies, for all their hard work and effort in organizing this successful event. We pray that God blesses you and your families for your strong faith and support for our mother church, Assyrian Church of the East.

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