Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mar Yosip Parish - Third Annual Tea Time

On Sunday September 28th, 2008 Mar Yosip Parish of San Jose celebrated its 3rd
Annual Tea Time. The Tea Party was held at Mar Yosip Parish Church Hall. The
Ladies Auxiliary of the parish and other church members helped organize this successful event. A portion of the proceeds of the Tea Party will benefit all the Assyrians in need in our homeland, particularly the needy Assyrian children.

The event turned out to be a major success, with over 500 ladies in attendance.

Upon entering the hall, everyone was in awe at how elegant and beautiful everything looked. Each of the 53 tables were decorated in a different theme. All of the ladies had an amazing time and knowing that they were supporting a great cause, made the event more enjoyable for all.

Father Cor-Bishop David Royel first blessed the event with a prayer. Then we had the Guest Speaker for the event, Rosie Malek-Yonan, who gave a beautiful speech regarding "The Assyrian Woman" and all the hardships that our Assyrian Women have endured.

Sincere gratitude to all our beloved Mar Yosip Parish Ladies, for all their hardwork and effort in organizing this event. Also, our appreciation goes to all the ladies that supported this event and took part of this beautiful and memorable event. We look forward to the next upcoming Tea Time Party that Mar Yosip Parish hosts in the near future.

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